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Team Drive HR® is a privately held, Human Resources Project Leadership and HR Management Consulting Company providing HR Project Management services to businesses of all sizes.  

Located in the Chicago area, Team Drive HR  works with senior company leadership and HR or Human Capital associates to create, develop, evaluate, and lead HR Projects to an efficient, on-time and highly successful project closeout result, optimizing strategic plan execution.

Team Drive HR  provides a wide array of service delivery options for our clients; from on-site interim, project leadership that includes: project definition, charter development, approval management, team identification and selection, and day-to-day management as a contingent contractor achieving outstanding project closeout results to the creation of a centralized HR project management office.  

Two growing trends in Human Resources drive some of our demand: 

1.  Contingent labor utilization continues to increase as companies seek ways to be more flexible and scalable with their workforces. 

2.  Organizations continue to increase the use of teams and collaborative work, resulting in performance being defined, measured and rewarded at the group/unit/team and organizational levels in addition to the individual level.

In addition to our overall goal of high-performance HR projects’ execution and high satisfaction results for our clients,  Team Drive HR provides education, training, coaching and mentoring to participating HR department associates to become outstanding HR project leaders with industry project discipline going forward.