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James L. Connor, President and CEO

OCONNOR-pic1James Connor is a Human Capital Talent Consultant and founder of Team Drive HR®, LLC, a firm that focuses on creative methods to accelerate the velocity from Human Capital Strategy to ultimate project implementation, metrics and ongoing result’s analysis.

Across more than two decades experience in leading HR Consulting Project Teams, Jim has refined his expertise in project team leadership to achieve outstanding results for his clients.  He has led many large-scale HCM projects to record levels of client satisfaction and on-time results.  He has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies. His HR clients range from major global manufacturing, pharmaceutical, hospital chains, financial, and insurance corporations to family businesses and technology start-ups. 

His commitment and dedication as an advocate for Human Resources’ success have  resulted  in unique HR consulting based solution-sets to ensure ongoing execution of HR’s Human Capital Strategy.  Jim’s prior 17 years experience as an award-winning HR Client Account Executive, Principal, and Leadership Team Member at Hewitt Associates and National HR Consulting Product Manager at Mercer Global Consulting, allowed Jim to observe the severe challenges experienced by his client HR professionals stretched and stressed to meet both their regular HR responsibilities and the demands of the assigned new project  milestones. 

Jim has created and implemented many unique HCM solution sets, solving HCM issues as they occur in todays changing talent management environment.  He assures exceptional execution through HR Project Leadership Solutions, introduced over ten years ago and refined to today’s best practices.  

As a student of unique client, corporate cultures and Business Strategies as an on-site HR Contractor, Jim took the initiative to complete independent leadership assessments and continually improve his team leadership skills.  He consistently receives high marks from HR project team member reviews and surveys. 







Jim obtained his undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Western Illinois University and his Master of Science in Administration with a concentration in Health Services from Central Michigan University.  He is an active member of the Society for Human Resource Management, and a Certified Senior Professional Human Resources with the HR Certification Institute.

Jim is an avid cyclist and swimmer who enjoys traveling with his wife Molly and meeting new people.  Jim can be reached at: