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OCONNOR-picSuccessful execution of an organization’s Human Capital Talent Strategy has always been emphasized, but results are mixed and execution often incomplete.  As HR moves from outsourcing backroom transactions toward strategic initiatives, demand for HR project management skills and discipline come to the forefront.

Senior executives realize that all strategic change happens through effective and disciplined project management and programs. While some HR projects improve HR processes or outsource processes altogether, many don’t rise to the level of a strategic initiative simply because of resource constraints and skills deficiencies.

Existing HR domain directors and managers have been stretched to lead HR projects and many  identified needed projects have been shelved due to the lack of resources.  

As a result, position postings and recruitment for temporary, interim, experienced project leadership skills are at an all-time high.  Many companies plan on the development of their own centralized HR project management office in the future, but need immediate solutions.  

Our HR Project management services are designed to accelerate the velocity between strategy formulation and day-to-day implementation and meet the immediate needs for integrated HR projects. 


HR Project Consulting Services Include:

  • Project Initiation Consulting Assistance for Small or Large projects, including any or all the following:  Strategic Priority, Definition, Project Goals, Charter, Approval, Stakeholder Support, Requirements, Success Measures and Metrics, Team and Tasks Identification, Team Engagement and Career Building, Project Management App Data Loading and Deployment, Milestone and overall Project Management Scheduling. 
  • Provide an On-site Contingent Project Leader/Manager for the complete project duration to close out. It includes project integration with outside consultants and suppliers, Enterprise IT, and Enterprise Project Management Office (PMO).
  • Specialized Development Assistance for a Permanent Customized HR Project Management Office,  including operational structure, leader training and development, and enterprise integration and support. 
  • Data Analysis and Measurement – pre-project baseline and post-project closeout for ongoing execution evaluation and management. 

Specific Human Capital Talent Consulting Core Competencies Include:

• Talent recruitment transformation in today’s environment
• Applicant Relationship Management (ARM) processes that create applicant advocates not corporate enemies.
• Passive high performer employment prospects – identification, ongoing relationship management and achieving the close
• Public Relations and Marketing Team member’s infusion with the Recruiting Team
• Hiring Manager engagement and successful process integration for optimal results
• [Team Leadership] development, training, coaching and mentoring tools
• Team Performance Review (Proprietary Four Quadrant) customized development for team excellence
• Employee performance engagement, utilizing ongoing “Individual Rapid Feedback” (IRF) databases
• Customized Identification of true high-performance company talent for development, retention and career progression
• Elimination of departmental high performer camouflage
• Human Change Management project plans integration